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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss about their sport and enjoy their stay.
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Teackle Dachshunds.
What Happened Here?
Feral Cats .....
Bedlington terriers
Rabbit Bait ?
How Many More .....
yeee haaaaww!
Curlews ~ Part 2
Happy new year
Happy Christmas To Me
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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss
Latest Articles
Teackle Dachshunds.
Halo; A f**king year, and more, later ..... I've reconnected with my man.  I've PM'd you, just now, to let ye know this.

Anyway, I feel what he's told me is worth getting out there. A shit load more people read this place than talk on it. What I have to relate will pass into the whisper stream then.

I'll give it a day or two. In case you see my PM and have anything else to add yet.
What Happened Here?
Just a couple of BAD video's (lol) which lead to a strange occurrence, at a mink set.

Just watch in order.

So, what you guy's think happened here?
Bedlington terriers
If you want one of working blood you'll probably have to import from the UK.
There is a breeder of working bedlington lurchers in Ireland somewhere whose dogs have a good reputation but you'd probably have to wait until he wanted to breed.
Rabbit Bait ?
Just found this old thread. I found a bucket of this stuff in the local creamery years ago and was astonished as I hadn't realized it was legal.
The active ingredient was alpha chlorolose, same as in pigeon bait.
How Many More .....
Bowie. Alan Rickman. The New Years Gonners List grows, as usual .....  
Feral Cats .....
We don't seem to have a board to discuss these things yet. But, I feel, they're potentially worth it.

Norseman just mentioned bolting one, whilst ferreting;

norseman wrote:

Oh and that last trip out i had i bolted a f**king cat out first hole. Caught the F**ker in the long net. I just stood there in awe, then me pal comes running with the spade to "sort it out"    haha luckily the big cat wriggled free though, with no d ...
Curlews ~ Part 2
Following on from This Thread

DitchShitter wrote:
Fly the flag for Hunters. Make yeself a Hero. Find them these last few Curlew and call them in  

eddie B wrote:
There's a handful breeding round here in the midlands

Ye've told Anita about them, of cours ...
Happy new year
Happy new year lads,

Haven't been about here in a while, hopefully that will change.
Enjoy yer drinks sensibly. Hope you's all have a great 2016
yeee haaaaww!
Been thinking about you, Norse; Unless water goes through that sand like a f**king colander, I imagine ye must be tearing ye hair out?

My boss was up here, on the 24th. I remember him looking down the meadow and saying, " f**king hell! Isn't the river swollen?! "

And I'm thinking, like; " F**k all that! Ye should have seen it a few weeks back! " Half the f**king meadow was under it!

Now, if we still had rabbits here? I reckon they'd all be bushing it, up behind my pl ...
Happy Christmas To Me
Well I ain't big into the whole Christmas thing, or religion for that matter, but it did put a smile on my face when i unwrapped this little beauty yesterday!

Mixing my music of choice, with my beverage of choice, she knows me well! lol
Gonna crack her open tonight,  and relax! Feet up, and movie, with herself!
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