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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss about their sport and enjoy their stay.
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Magnum's in Ireland!
My Bird Room .....
made to order
Colour Canaries .....
good grub
Spreading The Luuurv ....!
Mink Power
Tracks In The Snow .....
a few rabbits
Hare On The Ground Today .....
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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss
Latest Articles
Magnum's in Ireland!
For anyone interested!

These are Irelands only distributer of Magnum traps! Now knowing this country its probably cheaper to buy direct from Magnum, but shipping costs seem to be rising all the time lately so might be worth inquiring !

This place is only down the road from me, so might call in some time when Im passing!
Spreading The Luuurv ....!
 I was in the butchers and George was in there. George is a f**king legend! The most the man ever seems to wear is a tee shirt. Socks are Not George.

Rumored to be in his mid sixties, he has that scary sense of exceptional vigor about him. Call George a nasty name and run away? You'd die tired! It wouldn't matter that ye nineteen. George would out pace ye. Then he'd get a grip on ye and that'd be that.

The man simply Lives For any form of wildlife casualty causation there is out t ...
Mink Power
Interesting clip showing the power and perseverance of mink!

Mink Attack!
Tracks In The Snow .....
Just took the Dogs for their wander. Stepped out the gate and the first thing I see are fox tracks! Little bugger's come right past me, off the home meadow and off onto the hill meadow. Maybe looking for that hare?

Got up the top, and there's hare tracks! Would ye believe it? Coming off the big field. Crosses the main track and goes into Pony's Field.

Wonder if anyone else is finding anything interestin ...
a few rabbits
Due to long hours in work the last few weeks I haven't been working the dogs but I got out tonight for an hour and got these 6 rabbits. I let the two dogs run together, something I don't usually do but they worked well together and caught 3 each.

My Bird Room .....
 It's starting to come together, look .....

Just sent for a shit load more perches, for all the new cages to the right. Baths too. I don't think we should ever underestimate the importance of a bath to our birds. They love one.

Get the perches sorted out though and it'll be musical chairs in there. The big three cages on the left are to be opened up as three massive breed ...
Hare On The Ground Today .....
Just walking the hairy Dogs back. Got to the corner, by the top gate, and off she went!

Sprung out of the hedge, close to the corner. Keeping herself out of the vicious weather. Cut off, across the hill meadow and through the gate way.

Quite possibly gone off into my trees. No telling what goes on, up there. Especially now I have it fenced off, so the Dogs can't get up there and escape into greater Lei ...
Burying The Dead

This image was put on Facebook on the Wild Derrynane page, a conservation and wildlife photography group. I don't think it was put on as ammunition for the anti's, more as an example of the crass s ...
nesting time
last few years I`ve left my 2 big free standing and hedge conifers for the birds to nest in --- now problem is there dry as fook and dying from the middle and to save them from dying off I need to trim prune and lop them -- right I need to get them done before the birds start nesting whats the best time of year to do it ..?
Plummer Terriers
Romany wrote:
Hi matie..
yes its Lola..

And Im out hopefully with Tammy this Thursday
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