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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss about their sport and enjoy their stay.
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Feral Cat ....!!!
A Consignment Of Books
" Dickers " ....?
Rats, Anyone ....?
Have We Any Fishermen in The House.............
Excellent Work, Eddie B ....!!!
O'Tom Tick Twister .....
Wooden Barrel Mole Traps .....
Limerick ....?
An Islamist Walks Into A Gay Bar .....
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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss
Latest Articles
A Consignment Of Books
I was lucky enough to recieve some books the other day, from a member of this forum. Well more so, Owner, administrator, and Moderator.

Thing is, these ain't no ordinary books. Their full of knowledge and history, on a subject I'm passionate about.

All things traps and trapping!

Here's just some of the consignment, that was sent to me.

[URL=][img:b015e411ca] ...
Feral Cat ....!!!
I've just ate my dinner. Stood up, to take my plate out. And, like perpetually do, I glanced up the track.

F**k me; About half way up it. Left hand side. Something's there! Hundred and forty yard track? We're talking about seventy yards away, or less, then? Dark. High. Slow, rolling movement to it. Moving away from me.

Not a pine marten then. They run in a bunched up, rolling way. High backed. But 'Rolling'. This thing has a sauntering sway. F**king cat!

No One, within miles of m ...
Rats, Anyone ....?
Anyone here ever ferret out rats?
" Dickers " ....?
Maybe a bit of a seemingly random one? But, it's bugged me for f**king Years, frankly! I've simply never figured out who best to ask about it. So, F**k it; I'll try here .....

Read any account of the old days, up north, and the Brit's are always on about the RA " Dickers ". Look outs.

Okay. Well, I've never really noticed the Military adopting any other RA terms. So, I'm assuming it's a term the Brit's came up with and brought with them?

(Phil; FFS, I Know[/i:3f ...
Excellent Work, Eddie B ....!!!
     f**king Superb post, about mink caging, on THL.

The little rider about leaving the kids at home just f**king topped it!!!

By all means feel free to duplicate ye original here, mate. I would have linked to it. But, I can't do that without involving the entire thread. And that just would ...
O'Tom Tick Twister .....

Just f**king get them. That is all.

Seriously, lads: Best thing I've ever f**king bought since ..........This
Wooden Barrel Mole Traps .....
I saw a chap was asking about these, on THL. Well, I've just been doing some stuff and, lo and behold;  I still have one!

It's now minus its bit of string and two wire loops. Not an issue. Won't be catching many moles here, with or without them. But, I thought ye might like to see the guts of the thing. Barrel's five inches long.

Sold by S.Young & Sons (Misterton), as was, UK. Just look at the f**king work that went into this thing! All hand turned, on an old lathe, no doubt. Ye c ...
Have We Any Fishermen in The House.............
Well..... seems as the summer is here among us, i just taught i would stick a topic up about fishing of any kind "bye hook or by crook"  

Im no expert at all lads!

i mostly do all kinds of fishing but mostly on canal/rivers/lakes, an sea

but this year i might try the sea fishing as my main thing for sum reason. Im on the east coast so if anybody has any tips send them to us please!

and if any of you lads have any day/night fishing stories, photos, of any kind, ...
Limerick ....?
I just came across someone down there, asking if anyone fancied a bit. He has his own ferrets. Clicky.
An Islamist Walks Into A Gay Bar .....
Islamist walks into a gay bar. Barman asks 'What'll it be?' Islamist says; " Shots all round! ".
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