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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss about their sport and enjoy their stay.
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I Saw This, And Thought Of " Sox " .....
I'm Getting Some Lizards ....!
9mm Garden Gun ....?
This Is Truly F**king Scary ....!
Fenn Trap In Action!
Got Out At Last!
yeee haaaaww!
" Nigger " .....
Bow Down Before Me, F**kers ....!
a few rabbits
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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss
Latest Articles
I Saw This, And Thought Of " Sox " .....
I'm Getting Some Lizards ....!
Un F**king Believable!!! Guy on a bird forum said he'd breed me a pair. That was way back. I then left that forum and thought little more of it. People do promise ye birds. Then the world turns and ye gradually forget all about it.

But, this guy suddenly appeared in my email, saying they're ready to go! I was f**king stunned!

Trouble is now; Every time I meet someone, I excitedly blurt out that I'm getting a pair of Lizard Canaries. And, to a man, they ...
9mm Garden Gun ....?
Do they still exist? What's the chances of finding one, here?

Reason I ask is this f**king rat! Little bastard's taken to appearing next to my (Licensed) bird traps. I set them, every day, in their given spot. This F**ker turns up and ~ one of these days ~ he's gonna end up in one of them!

Then what? Fucked if I'm putting my f**king hands near it! Leave him alone though and he'll bite his way out of the trap. Ruining it!

Bollocks. I'll shoot the c***! In england, I'd have popped out and ...
This Is Truly F**king Scary ....!
And I'm as serious as f**king cancer here.

The most powerful person in Europe. One of the most powerful in the western world. Angela Merkel, has left the f**king planet!

Watch the following video. Never mind the hipster giving his commentary. Never mind what 'bias' ye suspect this station comes from. F**k all that.

Just watch the actual footage. Listen to the question put to her. Then Watch and listen to her dead, rambling litany of complete bollock ...
Fenn Trap In Action!
Shared this on THL and thought id stick it up here too! Myself and Ditch were discussing this very idea not so long ago, and it really worked out well for this guy!


Mink trapping:
" Nigger " .....
That's my Dogs name. He's a black lab'. I named him after the famous Dog owned by Wing Commander Guy Gibson. Gibson led the famous " Dam Busters " raid, out of RAF Scampton.

My Nigger is a typical, air headed little skin full of quiet innocence ~ with an absolutely supernatural nose stuck on it.

Gibson's Dog was, by all genuine accounts, a vile and nasty bastard. Roundly despised by all but Gibson himself.

I mean, seriously. Contemporary accounts say they were told to bury t ...
Got Out At Last!
Well finally got a few sets out the other day, and although I did catch a couple of mink, I found things were a little slow, so hope it picks up!

[URL= ...
Bow Down Before Me, F**kers ....!
For I am truly the God of this game!!!


Are You Not Entertained?!?
a few rabbits
Well lads I haven't posted in a fair bit but lamping time is getting close again so I'm going to continue this thread with a few more pics. Hopefully I'll get a few good ones.
Role on the windy nights.
Clever Little Idea!
Was at the game fair last weekend! Just down the road from me, or i wouldnt bother me arse going! Anyway same old shite, apart from some nice vintage traps and came across this set up which i found interesting!

[URL=http://s960.phot ...
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