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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss about their sport and enjoy their stay.
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Goodnature Rat Whackers ....?
I'm A Dad!!!
Feral Cats .....
Any Sheep Breeders In The House ....?
Fawn coloured rabbit.
Fenn Trap In Action!
Skin Buyers Of Yesteryear .....
It's Coming .....
Spring Cleaning .....
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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss
Latest Articles
Goodnature Rat Whackers ....?
What ye reckon, lads? Clicky.

Let's say, what? 170.00 delivered?  Know what? I wouldn't say no!

Think about it. I've not so long back given away K's worth of cage traps. No earthly good to me. Because they wouldn't let me have a low powered air pistol. See? Catch a rat in one of my old Monarch's here? What am I gonna do with it?

Tunnels with Fenn ...
I'm A Dad!!!
Lizard had three eggs hatch. I never managed / bothered to ring them. Last week I took the male bird out as he was arguing with her over the chick feed. And I prefer the cock out of the way when the chicks come out anyway.

Just popped in there to change their baths and I've done a right double take when I looked at her cage! I'm like; " WTF?! "

[img:2d85146b09] ...
Fawn coloured rabbit.
I went up to the local golf course before daylight and shot into the dawn and got this unusual fella, iv'e seen them before with spatters of different colours but this one was fully fawn coloured.

Fenn Trap In Action!
 just read this thread about the fenns not being instant killers, and theres me saying how good i thought they were hahaha i'll keep my "trap" shut in the presents of true trappers  

see what i did there  
caught these wee hures last night and today in the ferret shed. cheeky buggers    

Feral Cats .....
At work this morning I spotted one of the rabbits sitting up on it's hind quarters on alert and couldn't see any raptors in the sky or anything on the ground, then I finally spotted a slight movement in the ditch and low and behold it was a feral cat on the prowl, one shot later it was game over, now he sleeps with the fishes. I recon that cat was well fed on rabbits and has been doing a lot of damage but no more.

[img:9dc9934349] ...
Any Sheep Breeders In The House ....?
I'm curious .....
Skin Buyers Of Yesteryear .....
I see they're talking about the usual suspects, over on THL. " Foxdropper " asked for old lists.

Well, I was going to ask someone to post the following, for him, on there. But, what the F**k; Half of them look in here anyway.

This is my forum. This is my gear .....  

From the early sixties:

" Otter. Badger. Polecat. Pine Marten. "  Cross ye f**king legs, boys! &nb ...
Alleged Wicklow Deer Dump .....
Ye'll have all seen the photo. And read Jiggers foaming at the mouth about it all.

But, one look and it didn't sit right, with me. I'd be interested in ye own opinions, once ye've examined the facts.

And the above photo is the only Fact we have. If ye haven't been to Wicklow and stared down at it? How do ye know the photo wasn't taken in Manchester? Or Manchuria?

Let's go with wha ...
It's Coming .....
Lizards have built a nest.  Red's are feeding eachother. Every day's a nail biter now!
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