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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss about their sport and enjoy their stay.
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Stoats Showing Class
back out
Goodnature Rat Whackers ....?
Pine Martens In The Independent .....
" Don't bother with the lure ....."
Feral Cat ....!!!
WOW ....!!!
Home Invasions .....
Don't Laugh ....!
A Consignment Of Books
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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss
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Stoats Showing Class

Fascinated me. Caught this on a rampage across the internet.

Members of the British royalty, meeting Canadian 'Indians' (As we'd have known them / Pre PC).

Ye only need to look at about 1 min ~ 1:20, to see what I'm getting at. But, F**k me! " Think You've got some stoats?! "

[url=]Clicky.[/color:b553 ...
back out
got a start to the season last week lads, but having a freezer still full of meat and little time on my hands, i might be taking it easy this year. i managed however to get out for a few hours. so i went to the usual haunt and its still plenty full    discovered a lot of ben weeds still about which was making it impossible to run the longnets out, and even harder for purse netting holes, (as their everywhere). so we netted 1 handy burrow and ended the day with six good healthy rabbit ...
Goodnature Rat Whackers ....?
Did you invest in one of these after Ditch?
I see John at fourteenacre supply them now, but they are pricey.
Pine Martens In The Independent .....
Tuesday, 30th August, 2016. Farming Section.

I can't be arsed to scan, crop, resize and slap the lot up here ~ potentially breaching copyright  

Gist of it is though that they're calling for a " Temporary Cull " of the bloody things. Nice bit is that they want it in parts of the Midlands and North West. So, that's Eddie and I  

It says: " Minister, Heather Humphreys, is open to considering a limited exemption of the protected status ", once she h ...
" Don't bother with the lure ....."
What's that about then, Eddie? " Welsh Reds " mink rafting escapades, on THL. I found that an interesting comment, from yeself.

I know ye have access to gland lure. And we're just now looking at the end of the better trapping season. They'll slow down from here on in.

But, what's the reasoning behind that suggestion?

What have ye own findings been?
Home Invasions .....
Thought I'd pop this one in here, as it's more pertinent that General Chat .....

Went to pull myself a beer, week or so ago, and a house mouse shot along the wall to a much used hole in the wall that's been there far longer than I have. (I've never blocked it as then they'd find another route. I like to know where they are)

Day or two later? Gone to my bird room and there's a wood mouse in the rat trap! Hate killing them. But, there it is. No real way of selecting what ye catch when all th ...
WOW ....!!!
 So, I sent to USA for some gland lure. It just arrived. And, being as this stuff would be a bit like a bomb going off, if the glass bottle got broken in transit, Doreen Schmitt had very well packed it. Deep inside a large box, surrounded by loads of news paper.

So, I'm pulling all this paper out and stuffing it into the dead stove. It's not actually news paper, I realise. It's one of these ubiquitous junk mail catalogue things. Ye know; Like Lidl pump out, over here? This one's ...
Don't Laugh ....!
Oh, alright. Go on then!

Feral Cat ....!!!
 Jesus f**king wept, lads! Having started this thread in General? As it got more and more directly Trapping oriented, so I Moved it here.

Only, I left a Ghost under General, so people following it could find where it was gone.

Tonight, I decided to remove the Ghost ..... And Deleted BOTH f**king copies, in a click!!!  

Thank F**k I can hold up under pressure!  Here's, pretty much, the entire f**king thread!

[img:84df7a95d0 ...
A Consignment Of Books
I was lucky enough to recieve some books the other day, from a member of this forum. Well more so, Owner, administrator, and Moderator.

Thing is, these ain't no ordinary books. Their full of knowledge and history, on a subject I'm passionate about.

All things traps and trapping!

Here's just some of the consignment, that was sent to me.

[URL=][img:b015e411ca] ...
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