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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss about their sport and enjoy their stay.
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Hare On The Track .....
Just Set A Trap .....
any news?
They Took My Sheeps Head ....!
Been In The Shed Again!
I've Got A Trail Cam ....!
English Hunting Ban .....
I Hear " Mushroom " Thinks His Dog's a F**ker ....
whippet X Bedlington? ?
Ticks ....?
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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss
Latest Articles
Hare On The Track .....
It's been a while. That's why I thought I'd record it here. But, I looked out, today, to see what the weather was up to, first thing. And there was a hare, sitting there on the track, about twenty yards from my window.

When I scratched my face she must have realised I was real. Skipped off up the track and, as I never saw her cross right, over the bank and into the hill meadow, she must have gone left. Tha ...
any news?
any craic lads? i've been away from the site for quite a bit. was working everyday with no days off for a few months, with exams on top of that also. been fecking hectic to say the least.
Been In The Shed Again!
Been in the shed again, messing around with a few idea's!

Came up with this! Saw something similar somewhere on the net!

Think in it might be too much to hawk around to be honest!

[URL= ...
They Took My Sheeps Head ....!

I'm putting this here because it's actually most relevant to trapping. I'd intended to use this damn sheeps head as bait for corvids. Can't f**king believe this!

I've bought a 'glass' sheeps eye. Right? Figured I'd rig my crow 'Tent' trap to fire when they went for the eye.

Took me ages to get a sheeps head. One thing and another; Short of just going out there and shooting some sods stock ....?!

Anyway, I got this head and, like I do, just slung it up on to ...
I've Got A Trail Cam ....!
Bushnell Trophy #119537. Not the most bang up to date, all singing, all dancing one. But, it'll do what I need ~ show me what's out there. And, at 150.00 (Sterling) delivered ....?  

I have, what I figure to be, a great spot to put it. Right little spaghetti junction for the local night life here.

Then, once I have enough footage of the teenage disco? I might try for some pineys and badgers! [img:f377300c0d] ...
English Hunting Ban .....
 It's quite sad to watch, really. All those wide, trusting eyes and crossed fingers.

Sorry, but; I think they're completely f**king delusional! Do they honestly think that their countries ruling 'elite' of born billionaires is actually going to vote for the legalisation of Fox and Stag Hunts. Then say;

" Oh, yes; And the scum from the council estates can take their scruffy, skinny Dogs out and terrorise the countryside again. "  

Pull Eeeease ...
I Hear " Mushroom " Thinks His Dog's a F**ker ....
Not a patch on This Mad Mal! Look!  
whippet X Bedlington? ?
Hi there, does anyone know of anyone who breeds whippet Bedlingtons or who might have a working Bedlington dog for stud ?
Ticks ....?
You ready for the bastards? Got me a pair of these " O'Tom Tick Twister " things. Research seems to show they're the best sort around just now.

Irish Dogs has just sold out ~ we, the getting in early types, see! But, they're sure to be stocking up as we speak. Clicky.

I never really used to bother about ticks. On my Dogs, ferrets or even my ...
Been In The Shed!
Been in the shed messing around with traps again!

Don't really know how well they'll work, but their sensitive as F**k, and suppose to work well in box's!

Let me know if you see anything you might do different, to improve the ...
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