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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss about their sport and enjoy their stay.
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Skin Buyers Of Yesteryear .....
Feral Cats .....
Any Sheep Breeders In The House ....?
It's Coming .....
Spring Cleaning .....
Alleged Wicklow Deer Dump .....
seasons end
Collie x lurcher/staff
The Bridge ....!
what tune is stuck in your dome at the moment!!!!!!!!!
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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss
Latest Articles
Any Sheep Breeders In The House ....?
I'm curious .....
Skin Buyers Of Yesteryear .....
I see they're talking about the usual suspects, over on THL. " Foxdropper " asked for old lists.

Well, I was going to ask someone to post the following, for him, on there. But, what the F**k; Half of them look in here anyway.

This is my forum. This is my gear .....  

From the early sixties:

" Otter. Badger. Polecat. Pine Marten. "  Cross ye f**king legs, boys! &nb ...
Alleged Wicklow Deer Dump .....
Ye'll have all seen the photo. And read Jiggers foaming at the mouth about it all.

But, one look and it didn't sit right, with me. I'd be interested in ye own opinions, once ye've examined the facts.

And the above photo is the only Fact we have. If ye haven't been to Wicklow and stared down at it? How do ye know the photo wasn't taken in Manchester? Or Manchuria?

Let's go with wha ...
Spring Cleaning .....
I'm well amongst it already. Been at it for about a week now. Bought a new chest of drawers, to put my clothes away without them getting coated in f**king dust, before I got a chance to wear them  

Attacked the 'book shelf' corner today. Spent far too much time feeding old pest control manuals into the f**king pot belly, to be honest. Have to filter that shit in gradually though, else it just bulks up and smoulders.

Tomorrow, I'm looking at This lot. What I'm left with, having ...
Collie x lurcher/staff
1 year old bitch. Both parents can be seen. Both take rabbit and hare. She will make great retriever. Very eager to please. Strong and confident. Knows basic commands and stays close in the field. Reluctantly selling due to fighting within the pack.
seasons end
So as you can guess I've been very busy haha, I haven't been on here much due to the wife giving birth to our second boy. who's actually had complications as well but he is on the mend    not to mention work is flat out again and my part time school on top of that.

so anyway I've still managed to get out now and again, with great results by the way. the season has been a memorable one though. from bolting a cat to my nephew (who is hooked by the way) netting 2 rabbits in the 1 ne ...
What Is This C**t Doing With A Gun ....?!
Posted on a public forum same date as this post. 22:28:

" I've looked it up and they're protected but I'm able to cull them from September 1st till January 31st.

My question is as they are causing issues ..... am I allowed to dispatch them?

I don't want to say no ..... "

    Stunned!!!  What a f**king train wreck!!!
I'm in A and E
For F**k sake, just my luck! I'm in the hospital, with severe stomach pains. I've feckin poisoned myself! I ate what I thought was an onion, but was actually a feckin daffodile bulb.

They've said, I'll be out sometime in spring!
Teackle Dachshunds.
And, since Halo seems to have vanished through his own ..... err ... 'ring' .....

But, yeah; Teckel's

DitchShitter wrote:
I know a lad, in Mayo. He certainly had a teckle. Worked it too. Mad little thing!

How prophetic were my words?    Seems my mates lovely little Dog started getting a bit weird. Went from a lovely, fun loving and loyal little hunter, to a somewhat edgy F**ker.

Yes. Matey Did have a ne ...
It's Coming .....
 That time of year! I was talking to my boss, today, and saying as much.

I've been putting the conditioning seed into my Lizards and Red birds. Male lizard's looking f**king superb!!!    He's slim and tight as a hard thing! Really looks super fit!

No idea if they come into condition earlier than Colour's? I'll have to ask their breeder.

Was musing to my boss though; Another couple or so weeks? I'd better get the nest pans in. It ...
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