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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss about their sport and enjoy their stay.
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Pat's Place ..... The Returning ....!
And For My Next Perfomance ....!
Watch This Spot With Baited Breast ....!
My Latest Trophy ....!
A New Job .....
England To Leitrim ..... Anyone Passing?
Why Don't We Have Threads Like THL ....?
Shooting Novice
315 'Members' Left ~ I Just Got Rid Of Some Dead Wood .....
My First Attempt ....!
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Irish Hunting Forum is dedicated towards all aspects of hunting in Ireland. It is built on the contributions of its forum members. We welcome everyone to join the forum, to discuss
Latest Articles
And For My Next Perfomance ....!
What's been digging in my fire pile ....?!

I have the wall of an old shed, see? Shed itself all collapsed in years ago. Now, it's a large, rectangular space, largely full of brambles. But, the waist high wall remains on this side. And that's where I chuck anything burnable. Then, a few times a year I'll chuck some petrol oh it and burn the f**king lot.

Well, last week I slung the contents of my bird room rubbish sack on there. And that contained a high volume of waste seed. Conditioning ...
Pat's Place ..... The Returning ....!
I was back up there, today. Seems he's narrowed it down now to being something turning up over by the yard. Reggie (Sweetest little Dog I've ever met!) goes streaking off over that way every morning, when Pat lets him out.

I noted today how the wind's from that side too.

Pat thought a badger was moving around on the patch of grass between Reggie and the yard. But, I quartered it and checked the hedges. There are No badgers on that patch.

Screwing it down a bit harder on Pat; He gave up ...
Watch This Spot With Baited Breast ....!
20:00, tonight. I walked away from my freshly set up cam. Pat took the cowz out today. Then muck spread the field by noon. Roasting hot day, today! I let the shit bake!

Same fence post. Bait six feet closer. I drove a few nails into the post. One up. Two down. These are so I could hang the cam's webbing off the top one. Rest the cam on the bottom two.

 Then, I put a lump of wood behind the top of the cam. Thus leaning it to look down towards the bait.

Bait itself is the (now days older ...
My Latest Trophy ....!
Pat cut and cleared the lower meadow, for silage. Then, inside of an hour after the last tractor rushed the last bail out, the birds descended!   A mass of gray crows, jackdaws and rooks all over the place. And a flock of chaffinches up by the gate.

Absolute cream of the crop though was the buzzard ~ now pronounced " Buz'Ard " stalking about by the river bank, grabbing his own share of exposed insects.

Bit late in the day, by then, to do a ...
England To Leitrim ..... Anyone Passing?
I may well decide to *Stick* this one. Just a shout out. But, it could sure be useful.

Absolutely nothing 'Interesting' involved. Nothing edgy, let alone dodgy.  I envisage a sandwich box  in a cab.

All boringly legal.

PM's invited.
Why Don't We Have Threads Like THL ....?
Perhaps, because we just don't have the same 'quality' of membership?  

Random, but pretty typical thread from their 'General Talk' board then. Names have been changed. But ..... I wonder who'll recognise themselves!

A thread starts then; " Outrage! Islamists Are At It Again! ".

And what do we get?

Arian English Runatic: " I bring you [i ...
A New Job .....
Pat was round here, today. Reckons something's winding Reggie ~ his delightful little cocker spaniel ~ up, early in the mornings.

I love Reggie! He's my little apprentice rat catcher and accompanies me, when ever I check the boxes up there. Sweetest little Dog.

Anyway, he lives in the car port. Has the end of it fenced off and is locked in there, at night. Car port opens directly across from the back corner of Pat's property. Ye have to walk past it to get to the back door. Whole area is a ...
Shooting Novice
I have just got my guns recently, 12 bore and a 22, haven't used a gun in anger for over 25 years so learning the ropes again with the help of a couple of good friends who are experienced shooters. I've had a couple of trips locally to control the huge crow population that really pisses the farmer off. I should have got back into this game years ago, I've not had this much fun in a long while. It has taken me a box of cartridges to get my eye in and now I'm pretty comfortable using the shotgun a ...
315 'Members' Left ~ I Just Got Rid Of Some Dead Wood .....
Don't worry. It's not an issue. I've simply knocked off those who've never posted since joining years ago. And the ones I spotted had joined years back, made one post and vanished.

I'll have another go, later on. I'll probably knock it down to anyone who hasn't posted in 2015 ~ with a couple of notable exceptions. Personal friends of mine who I know are indisposed. Things like ...
UK Trap Regulations
A couple of changes in the UK's, Spring Trap Approval Order, which might interest some on here!

Probably make things even more confusing than it already is!

Thank God things are a bit more relaxed here, and hopefully it'll stay that way!
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